‘Tory! Tory! Tory!’ (3)

Musical Matters...

My previous posting‘s video clips — showing the BBC’s Nick Robinson in unappealing action within various televised settings — will no doubt have left a nasty taste in many a reader’s mouth. So let’s start this posting with something that is not only much more pleasant, but which also answers a friend’s question, just received:

What music was that on the old Brian Redhead programme?‘, he asks. ‘I’ve never heard it before!

Well, here — so that everyone can now hear it! — is the entire number from which that little bit of theme music was drawn. As I indicated, it’s by André Messager (1853-1929) — a highly capable and versatile musician active in many fields. Happily, I’ve been able to find a YouTube video that, besides containing the piece I need, also includes a photo of the dear old fossil in his later years…

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BBC Complaints response

No matter what the excuse, it is not appropriate for an elected member of a political party to sit in an audience supposed to be comprised of members of the general public for the purpose of questioning members of political parties…

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The BBC have responded to the complaint I lodged a couple of days ago about a Conservative councillor, Eric Holford, being allowed a seat in the audience on Question Time, and being allowed to ask the first question. Here is what they have said; –

Dear Mr Odoni

Many thanks for getting in touch about the edition of BBC One’s
Question Time from Edinburgh as broadcast on Thursday 11 May 2017.

We were naturally concerned to learn of your unhappiness in relation to Councillors being part of the audience, but we can assure you that theQuestion Time audience is always chosen to ensure broad political balance, and each application goes through the same rigorous background checks. Nobody is barred, and it is common for those interested or active in politics from all sides to participate.

As you’ll appreciate, this is an audience participation programme and…

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Still more (yes, sorry) about that complaint to the BBC

The BBC has given up trying to answer sensibly the tsunami of complaints derived from its bias, because it is undeniable and embarrassing.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Sorry to keep on about what happened on BBC Question Time last Thursday, but yes, there is more. As I highlighted yesterday, the BBC’s response to my complaint did not really address my concerns, and was verbatim-identical to responses others received.

Some people on social media have argued with me that they thought the BBC’s answer was reasonable. There are a few reasons I cannot agree with that.

Firstly, as I say, the BBC did not really answer my question about the impropriety of elected politicians being allowed to ask the questions on a debating programme where members of the public are supposed to do that. Was it ‘reasonable’ that the BBC’s response talked around that instead of answering it?

Secondly, was it ‘reasonable’ that Eric Holford was allowed to ask his question without it being made clear in advance that he is an elected councillor?…

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Theresa May Isn’t Strong, She’s Cowardly, Evasive And Weak – And I’m A Tory!

I cannot vote to support Theresa May.  I will remain a member of the Conservative Party because its fundamental principles of individual liberty, responsibility and small government are what I believe in.  I may well be on the liberal, even libertarian wing of the party but it is Theresa May who is out of step, not me.  Her leadership is cowardly, evasive and weak.  I shall either be abstaining or voting tactically and that could even mean that I vote Labour for the first time in my life.

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Corbyn looks PM material and meets public, May pretends to be b’day party (video) #GE17

While Theresa May was masquerading as a child in a part of Scotland so remote that no live coverage of the event was possible, Jeremy Corbyn was in London, speaking to a large crowd – and both looking and sounding Prime Ministerial. Not only that, but he then went walkabout – to meet locals rather than ignore and run away from them. Theresa May’s ‘out and about meeting people’ was clearly nothing more than an excuse to dodge debates with Corbyn that she and her handlers knew she could only lose badly – but this parade of (non-)event, (non-)appearances to bored-looking, hand-picked audiences and tours of empty factories is proving to be even more damaging to her credibility.

It’s up to us to make sure they are fatally damaging – to her credibility and her campaign..

Source: Corbyn looks PM material and meets public, May pretends to be b’day party (video) #GE17

Labour slashes Tory lead by a further FIVE points in two days

The battle is just beginning, but it’s becoming clearer every day just why Theresa May’s keepers are keeping her out of the public view as much as they can get away with – and when she has to appear, she’s only allowed in the most carefully-controlled and quarantined settings. Corbyn looks the real deal and as he said today in his London speech, getting out the vote . especially among younger voters – is vital. So get out the word so people can see what’s happening and be inspired to turn out. They won’t see it on the BBC.

Source: Labour slashes Tory lead by a further FIVE points in two days

Breaking: while Tories hide, Labour policies show them a govt-in-waiting #GE17

While Theresa May and her front bench only emerge from hiding to parrot the same dreary soundbite, Labour is announcing a stream of innovative and popular policies – thought-out, costed policies that are showing the British public that they are a government in waiting, while the Tories are a shambles.And a cowardly shambles at that.

Source: Breaking: while Tories hide, Labour policies show them a govt-in-waiting #GE17

Did May’s Scottish stunt breach contract, force a charity to breach its articles? #GE17

Mrs May was at pains to avoid any interaction with members of the local community, pointedly ignoring one local man who called to her to ‘meet the public’:So keen were May and her handlers to avoid such interactions that they booked the village hall for a ‘birthday party’ under a false name, to prevent the locals getting wind of the event and turning up inconveniently.And that’s where the (bigger) problems start.Crathes village hall is an SCIO – a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. As such, similar to charitable trusts, it has to produce a statement of its purpose. As SKWAWKBOX reader John Spencer-Davis pointed out, Crathes’ statement is quite short, only two pages long – and it’s very specific about whom it exists to serve

Source: Did May’s Scottish stunt breach contract, force a charity to breach its articles? #GE17

Diane Abbott’s poor interview? Tories are CUTTING police – and #KimJongMay’s still hiding

The right-wing glee over Diane Abbott’s stumble this morning is based on their desire to claim that Labour’s election promise is ‘uncosted’ – along with ‘magic money tree’ and ‘unsustainable’, it’s their favourite mantra. It’s also equally wrong and idiotic.Labour’s pledge to add 10,000 community police officers (CPOs) is fully costed – and the money has not been ‘spent twice’ or whatever nonsense right-wing pundits are coming out with today. Here’s how it will be paid for:Savings over 5 years by reversing Capital Gains Tax cuts: £2.75bnCost of 10,000 extra CPOs: £300m/year or, over 5 years, £1.5bnLeft over for other spending commitments: £1.25bn

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May’s #fullTrump meltdown confirmed all No.10 denied re negotiating disaster

Theresa May’s bizarre and blatantly electioneering speech in front of 10 Downing Street last night has been described as ‘going full Trump’ in its ‘conspiracy nut’ strangeness. It smacked a little of desperation, which is odd since she’s supposed to be riding high in the polls – though even Tory-owned pollsters YouGov can’t disguise the rate at which Corbyn’s Labour is eating into her lead. Even the international media are starting to take note:It makes you wonder what the Tories’ own polling is telling them.

Source: May’s #fullTrump meltdown confirmed all No.10 denied re negotiating disaster